Instagram photo exhibition “joinstagram”

Instagram photo exhibition “joinstagram”

Date: 16, Sep~14, Oct 11:00~24:00
Place: Café & Bar drawing, Nagoya, Showa-ku

Hello! “joinstagram”, the fantastic exhibition of Instagram, will be held in Nagoya

You all can take part in this event as a photographer, using Instagram. Any topic is OK.

Instagram, free application for iPhone and Android, is the tool that describes each moment of one’s life.

Each single picture of it gives us the vivid picture of their daily feelings: “I found the special one!”, “This is what I’m doing now!” and “That’s too bad” like that.
We want share daily feelings with each other through Real- photos, not feeds on the Web.
Of course, if you live in Nagoya or around here, please come to see our exhibition.
Open the instagram-world to the analog space, Café & Bar drawing.
Why don’t you join us?